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Driven by curiosity, Marie-Rose Mayele and Anne-Beth Schuurmans have joined forces in their company sQueezz, creating quirky and distinctive dance, music, theatre and contemporary art full of imagery for young and old, inspired by bewildering and unavoidable experiences in life.
They met in 2004 at the dance theatre company Aya. With the support of Aya and Dansmakers Amsterdam they embarked on their journey of creative dance theatre, resulting in sQueezz.
Both artistic leaders of the company are very active artists. They make common and individual work.
Anne-Beth Schuurmans is researching and creating with the support of the dutch government (nieuwe makers tract) in collaboration with Twee Plus productions.
Marie-Rose Mayele is performing in dance and music theatre in Belgium in addition to her work in Cie sQueezz.

Subventions, mécenat

Verkoop/Sales Netherlands
‘Bureau Vanaf 2’
Postbus 36241
1020 ME Amsterdam
tel: 0031.(0) 20.636.68.60
mobile: 0031.(0)

Verkoop/Sales Netherlands 'Bureau Vanaf 2' Postbus 36241 1020 ME Amsterdam
Amsterdam 1011 PN Amsterdam
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Liste des spectacles de la compagnie

Little Wonder

Si une branche peut danser et un rayon de lumière peut chanter, alors les miracles ne cesseront jamais.

Bercez par le vent, consolez par le reflet du soleil laissez-vous emporter par cette « Petite merveille » pour découvrir des instants «miraculeux»!