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Lutke (Ljubljana Puppet Theatre)

Présentation du festival

International Biennial Puppet Festival LUTKE is the festival that has been bringing to Slovenia the freshness of original, quality and versatile international puppetry production for as long as two decades. It has been woven by the thin strings of love and passion, unveiling the hidden worlds of diverse poetics, aesthetics, visions and quests. It has been also illustrating the crossroads of innovativeness, provocativeness and magic as well as adventures of curiosity, pleasures of research and short journeys into the tiny moments of eternity.

This year’s programme was conceived in close collaboration with the puppet and film director Jan Zakonjšek and set designer Branko Hojnik. It mainly encompasses quality and authorial-, genre-, technologically- and content-wise versatile performances, broadening the puppet’s reference space and affirming the endless and undreamed-of possibilities of its expression. Puppet can lure us into a heartfelt poetry as a rock or create a theatre of dreams as a dot or line, or it may be made of plastic and wood, and play a miniature circus of sounds. It can rise like a giant out of a pile of metal, or be born from the waste, recycled material and thus conjure up the puppetry delight in its primeval, row form. It can be a conflict-oriented, erotically provocative or dreamy walker through bitter memories. It can make us laugh to tears as traditional, wild and challenging Pulcinella in a modern disguise or if computerised and robotised, seduce us into the poetic story on the dimension of imagination. It can be just light or sound …

Within the festival’s five days puppet will address us from various stages of the Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana (Ljubljana Puppet Theatre), city’s Castle and streets as it will be showcased in almost fifty puppet events – various performances, master classes and creative workshops, exhibitions, installations and street actions.

Dear spectators and creators! Let it push us – at least for a moment – to the edge of the sacral, touch our innermost essence and allow us to merge into oneness. And yes, puppet is – with its beauty and power – one of but a few arts that can really do it!

Thanks to all of you, who are helping to create the LUTKE Festival in thousands of images!

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